Induction Hardening

Hauck Heat Treatment Spain, offers a wide range of Induction Tempering installations available. Our media range starts from 10kW to 300kW in high, medium and low frequency, thus being able to service almost the entire market. With 15 generators at the Barcelona plant, coverage is provided throughout the national territory with very competitive delivery times.

Our more than 25 years of experience and being approved based on the highest quality standards, we have full capacity for development of all types of parts and projects, as well as advice on everything related with the Heat Treatment.

Finally our internal service of design and development of coils, shower systems and tools give us a strategic advantage to always be able to offer the best service to our customers.

Benefits of Induction Hardening:

  • High precision localized treatment
  • Dimensional stability
  • Short cycle time
  • Highly stable and monitored process

Commonly treated materials:

  • Carbon steels
  • Stainless steels
  • Forging
  • Sintered.