Quality as a success factor

Quality in every field – that is a fundamental goal that we work towards every single day for the benefit of our customers. Nothing is left to chance. We make all details of our business activities clear and open. All processes are documented transparently. The internal transfer of knowledge and information is intensive. Our commitment to quality benefits both you and us. Everyone profits from better processes and increased productivity.

Hauck Heat Treatment Spain is always moving forward and wishes to uncover more potential for improvement, manage risks and use existing resources even more effectively. This culture of quality generate creates reliability, trust and future.

The Quality assurance

Hauck Heat Treatment Spain has laboratories and testing areas at every one of its facilities that carry out The Quality assurance measures.

Alongside the hardness testing methods most commonly used in the industry, i.e. the Rockwell, Vickers and Brinell methods, we can also conduct hardness testing on case-hardened and nitrided components. Our quality assurance services include metallographic structure evaluations and tests as well as metallurgic analyses conducted using the spectral analysis and GDOS analysis methods.

In addition, we offer to our customer other test. Ask to our technician for more information.

The main aims of the tests and analyses conducted at our in-house laboratories are to perform feasibility studies and to optimise quality assurance through preventive risk and error analyses. In this way, we follow a long-term zero error strategy, which in turn leads to sustainably reduced costs and avoids the need for cost-intensive reworking

Documented quality and safety

Documented quality and safety provide a decisive competitive edge.  A wide range of test procedures is conducted at Hauck Heat Treatment Spain. These take the form of interim tests performed as part of continuous quality management, and also of final tests performed to measure the success of the heat treatment or surface treatment procedure in question and to safeguard processes by means of approval testing. As a leading quality supplier in heat treatment and surface technology, Hauck Heat Treatment Spain can call upon outstanding laboratory capacities and highly qualified experts. The following test procedures are offered in our state-of-the-art laboratories:

  • Hardness test HB, HV (including microvickers), HRC, Knoop
  • Microscopic and/or metallographic evaluation
  • Tensile testing
  • Spectral analysis
  • Coating thickness measuring
  • Corrosion testing

Quality policies

Hauck Heat Treatment Spain sees itself as a part of society. It thus not only acts in a manner compliant with society, but also assumes social responsibility and promotes sustainability in all its commercial activities.

Its measures in this respect include setting quality, product and customer-related objectives aimed at achieving the highest possible level of customer satisfaction. These, in turn, include error prevention as opposed to error correction, technical supervision, advisory services in close coordination with customers and long-term customer and supplier relationships. Our goal here is not only to comply with legal regulations and provisions, but also to bring about constant improvements in terms of feasibility. Our goal here is not only to fulfill with the regulations and legal provisions, but also to achieve constant improvements in the quality of the services we provide.

The Plants of Hauck Heat Treatment Spain have accredited the following certifications: