Hauck Heat Treatment Spain is always working on innovations in the field of heat treatment. This makes us  the optimal partner for a wide variety of market segments:



With our decades of experience in the field of heat treatment and surface coating, we have a strong focus on suppliers in the automotive industry. Our expertise is reflected both in the trust that major automotive companies and their suppliers place in us, and also in the uniform quality that we have introduced at our facilities. These systems are certified and audited according to the highest international standards, such as ISO 9001. In this way, we can guarantee compliance with all the requirements of the respective components. Constant improvements to quality assurance have the overall goal of ensuring a mid-term zero error rate for our customers.



The quality standards in the aeronautic and aerospace industries are extremely high, because constant functional reliability is vital in these sectors. Components are constantly under very high pressure. Hauck Heat Treatment has been a trusted partner of the aeronautic and aerospace industries for decades and stands for documented top quality in series production. The high process reliability is a result of a complete, meticulously documented chain of processes that are coordinated precisely with one another. All parameters are monitored by state-of-the-art testing technology in our laboratories and are certified and audited according to the highest international standards, such as NADCAP and ISO 9001.


Mechanical Engineering

Our versatile system and processing technologies coupled with our consistent quality management make us a strong partner for the general machinery and mechanical engineering industry. From the development phase onwards, we can provide you with highly experienced consultant teams specializing in new developments and solving complex tasks. We use our long-standing expertise to provide you with optimal support throughout all phases of your project all the way up to series production.


Other markets

We are proud of the fact that so many businesses from so many industries trust Hauck Heat Treatment Spain to provide them with high grade services and performance. This trust further motivates us to be and “expert partner” in a time of rapidly changing technology and support you with excellent service. Please inquire us to what we can offer in your specific market!.