In today’s market, cars need to be lighter, airplanes more efficient and machines more durable, continuously pushing the requirements of individual components and production processes.

These are just a few examples of the challenges that our clients, often first-tier suppliers of large manufacturers, face on a daily basis. Our clients need to deliver products or subassemblies that are simply better in order to stay ahead of the competition and at the forefront of the market.

Heat and surface treatments are often key processes to meet this challenge, but we know that this is only part of the correct solution. On the one hand our customer needs a supplier that you can count on, a reliable supplier who is able to guarantee a predetermined level of supply chain security and quality. On the other, you need a partner that will use their know-how and expertise, that you can add to your own innovative power, allowing you to further distinguish your offering from the competition’s and thus secure future contracts. There is a seeming duality in these requirements, but our track record (of both long-term partnerships and innovation) proves our ability to deliver on both fronts. Hauck Heat Treatment’s number one focus is on what we can do to increase your competitive advantage.

For Hauck, “best in class” is not about our core technologies, but about the flexibility with which we service our clients and the way we are able to integrate our processes in their supply chain.

We commit ourselves to the highest quality, not just in the treatment of your products but also in the way we treat you; our valued customer. We always work in close cooperation with our clients and are able to tailor our processes to your specific requirements, wherever you are…

Based on three core technologies we can offer hundreds of different heat treatments. All treatments improve  the properties of the material. The list of the various treatments and their derivatives is continually expanding, allowing for new opportunities and breakthroughs in material treatment. Presenting an extensive list of standard treatments as a “one-size-fits-all-solution” doesn’t define us. Hauck Heat Treatment believes in a tailor-made approach, arriving at the optimal solution through close cooperation with our clients. This requires flexibility, knowledge and cooperative thinking on our side while at the same time ensures that you get what you deserve: Attention and best in class solutions in heat treatment, wherever you are.

27 Hauck Heat Treatment facilities in Europe

There is always a Hauck Heat Treatment facility close to you. Present in Europe with 27 locations in Germany, France, UK, The Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and Poland. Our presence and knowledge is the result of local entrepreneurship, in some cases since more than 60 years. Cooperation with several other group companies allows us to effortlessly exchange technologies and apply breakthroughs across markets. We are part of the global technology specialist Aalberts, allowing us to offer our services globally. Knowledge of local markets, an extremely broad range of technologies, quick lines of communication and attention while offering global coverage, that is what we call:

local entrepreneurship with a global presence!